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Learn the art and science of giving and receiving constructive feedback at work in this comprehensive course. Whether you’re a people leader or individual contributor, feedback is essential for growth and success. Join professor and feedback fanatic Cameron Conaway as he shares practical tips and insights to help you navigate the challenges of feedback and improve your communication skills.

This course is for all employees.

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Feedback has had a tremendous impact on your life. It’s how you’ve improved in almost everything you’ve ever done and how you’ve helped others become more effective in what they want to do. Feedback has also likely caused you tremendous stress, and your feedback to others has likely caused them tremendous stress.

What if we could tap into and amplify the profound power of constructive feedback while minimizing the stress we experience and cause due to how we give and receive it?

There’s no quick fix for making that happen, but if you want to be on the path to improving perhaps the most underrated and neglected part of your personal and professional development, this course will help.

At the end of this course, you will be able to answer:

  • What is constructive feedback? How to define feedback?
  • Why is feedback important?
  • What are the feedback types?
  • How can I avoid common feedback challenges?
  • How should I give feedback?
  • How should I receive feedback?
  • How should I process feedback?
  • How should I use feedback?
  • How should I ask for feedback?
  • How can I build an effective feedback culture?

After completing this online course, those wanting to improve how they give feedback will have a solid foundation for giving constructive criticism in the workplace, including how to give negative feedback and, more broadly, how to give constructive feedback to employees.

Talent development leaders can use this online course for:

  • Manager Training – including new people manager onboarding
  • Leadership Training – the insights here are applicable for all
  • Professional Development – including before quarterly development conversations