Bones of the dead are ground into nutritious meal that give rise to other lives. Through taut and muscular poetry, BONEMEAL pulses this theme into the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina, the laundry workers of Mumbai, the BP oil waters in the Gulf of Mexico, the spoonmaker in Laos and the young Rwandan boy searching through dead bodies in the hopes that he’ll find his mother. This book isn’t so much a guide as a torch willing to light wherever the reader is willing to point it.


“BONEMEAL is a masterful display of imagery and nuance. Beautiful expressions and thoughtful discoveries are delicately woven together in poems such as ‘Refract” and ‘Dhobi Ghat,’ which take you through scene and sense. This is not a must-read; it’s a must-experience. This is poetry in high definition.”

-Brian Bowers, Author of Shadows Chasing Light

“…grabs and holds you. BONEMEAL is loaded with the subtleties and nuances that are the measure of great poetry.”

Ray DiZazzo, Author of Simian Bridge and The Water Bulls

“With the poems in his book BONEMEAL, Cameron Conaway proves that he is perhaps the poetic voice of a generation. If you read any book of poetry this year it should be this one.”

Mikel K. Poet, Author of Seagulls Don’t Care if You Have Cancer

“The poems in BONEMEAL successfully negotiate the high wire between lyrical beauty and experimental daring. They are word perfect but not contain to just be poems. These are big poems which confront and embrace the world in equal measure.”

Kevin Higgins, Author of Mentioning the War: Essays & Reviews (1999-2011).

–Cover Artist: Frank Pereira