While the Train Runs


The award-winning short film about the rail tracks slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“Cheap clothes? They do not exist!”

This was the comment that appeared on my Facebook feed regarding the heartbreaking news of the nearly 400 people who died in the recent Bangladesh garment factory collapse. It’s true and felt truer because the man who said it runs several fair-trade garment factories throughout India that employs rehabilitated survivors of human trafficking. He gets it. There is a price to everything and affluent countries are often entirely blind to this fact. Unfortunately, globalization sometimes makes it tough to see how a garment factory collapsing in Bangladesh has any connection to our daily lives. His quote inspired my own:


Travel is the greatest way to feel connected to our unseen connections. Because that’s not always a possibility, we owe it to ourselves and humanity to enter into other cultures through brilliant short films like While the Train Runs. Check it out:

While the train runs from Enrico Parenti, Takae film on Vimeo.

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