Google+ Communities

Google+ sure didn’t take off in popularity when it launched in 2011, but it’s been steadily growing. Google’s addition of “Communities” shows their continued dedication and belief in Google+.

In many ways, Google+ is an amalgamation of many other social/virtual networks. At times, and depending on how you use it, it can become like Pinterest, like a multi-person video Skype, like a chatroom, like YouTube and even like a Twitter/Facebook news stream. As Google is the go-to search engine and as their Gmail is perhaps the most popular email service, the syncing of Google+ has massive potential to “be there” without people having to “log-on” as they need to do with Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s a solid write-up about G+ Communities released a few hours ago from eWeek.

I recently started a Community dedicated to Human Trafficking. It’s my hope that this will enable everyone interested in combating modern-day slavery to have a dedicated place to share news, create discussion and perhaps even create the collaborations that are essential if we are to seriously put a dent in this global problem. Here’s a screenshot of it. Click it to join.

Google+ Communities is relatively new so the verdict is still out and will be for quite some time. I’ll check back in with a report in a few months.

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