Baby Come Back To Me or The Day Dana White Blocked Me

Photo Credit: From this awesome Japanese Comic

9/8/2011 – The day I’ll never forget (and not just because it was the day Caged was released).

There I was sitting in the plush seats of the Thailand Creative & Design Center grading my college student’s literary analysis essays. At about the two-hour mark I decided to give my brain a break and check out my Twitter. Little did I know my life would forever change.

I scrolled through to see what was happening at the Good Men Project, then what the MTV Exit campaign against human trafficking was up to. Then, a ReTweet came through with @DanaWhite at the forefront. He likes to be there. I clicked on Dana to see what he was up to. The follow button appeared. What? I thought. I’m 100% positive I’d already been following the man himself, the legend Dana White. Startled, I quickly clicked “Follow” so my life could go on. So I could breathe again. Then, this Twitter message appeared and my heart stopped for a second:

“Sorry, you can’t follow this user (because they’re blocking you). Learn more.”

I searched Twitter to see if others had experienced this same traumatic event. I was desperate for a support group. You have to realize that on this very day Dana Tweeted that people were idiots, morons, douches, goofs, jackasses, cryin pusses, twitter tough guys, dorks, nerds, 40-year-old virgins and the one that gives me those wonderful butterflies in my stomach: superdouche. Do you see what I could be missing out on? Why I needed an answer? Dana is so much more than what is portrayed in this video:

Luckily, I found many others who had been blocked around the same time. What a relief! But I was not content, I kept digging for reasons. I did not want to, no, I could not miss out on the aforementioned name-calling. Ahh, I thought to myself. There’s a link. Dana has blocked some of those who have followed or talked with his mom (@JuneWhiteMMA). Whew. Okay. So maybe I still have a chance.

Dana, here I am. Baby come back to me.

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